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Questions and answers

address:  23a Prorizna str., Kiev, Ukraine

Here you may find answers for most popular question which clients often ask about our Kiev apartments.

? Question: Where in Kiev placed "Best Season Apartments"?
! Answer: In the centre of Kiev, "Best Season Apartments" placed 10 minuteіs walking from central  street - "Khrechatyk".

? Question: What are the time of check-in and check-out?
! Answer: The time of check-in is from 12:00 to 13:00, but in every individual situation the earlier check-in is possible too.

? Question: If the time of our departure in the evening, can we left our baggage at "Best Season Apartments"?
! Answer: sure you can leave your baggage at "Best Season Apartments", our concierge will look after it.

? Question: Do you have a guarantee of personal safety, and also the safety guarantee of our baggage?
! Answer: The safety of our guests it is one of the most important priority of "Best Season Apartments". There is a concierge for twenty-four-hour. Also there is a safe in the every apartment.

? Question: Do you have high speed internet connection?
! Answer: There is high speed Wi-Fi internet in every apartment, and there is cable internet too.

? Question: Is there a Jacuzzi in the bathroom?
! Answer: Yes, there is a Jacuzzi in some bathrooms, and also there is a bath-tub nearly in every bathroom.

? Question: Is there regular hot water delivery?
! Answer: Yes, there is general hot water delivery, and also there are individual electric boilers in every bathroom.

? Question: It there a double-bed in every room?
! Answer: Yes, there is a double-bed in every room and also there is a folding sofa in almost every room.

? Question: Is "Best Season Apartments" in the same condition as we can see on the photographs?
! Answer: Yes, "Best Season Apartments" was founded in 2012, and all our apartments in Kiev equipped by new furniture and bathroom equipment.

? Question: Are there towels in every room, and how often you change it?
! Answer: There are towels and bedding in every room. The changing of it provides according to desires of our guests. Also we may offer to you extra towels.

? Question: How often is the cleaning in the apartments?
! Answer: In "Best Season Apartments" cleaning is from 10:00 to 15:00, like in most of hotels in Kiev.

? Question: How can we book apartments?
! Answer: you can book it by the telephone number or with the help of email request.

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